Pioneer Award



SeeClickFix allows citizens to play an integral role in public services — routing neighborhood concerns like potholes and light outages to the right official with the right information. This engagement has both a tangible and emotional effect — improving infrastructure, increasing understanding and building trust.

To accomplish this, SeeClickFix provides an integrated platform for service request collection and management. Citizens submit requests via SeeClickFix mobile apps and website tools — city call takers enter phone calls, drop ins, emails and tweets into the SeeClickFix as well. From there, these requests are routed either manually or automatically based on location and request type, to the right person with the right information.

City staff are then notified within SeeClickFix that work has been assigned. As the work is updated and subsequently closed, the citizen receives automatic updates.

This process increases the total level of citizen participation as well as the perceived quality of these services. SeeClickFix also reduces the costs associated with these services by reducing phone calls, introducing automated responses and reducing the frictional costs of communication.

Why they won

This award is for what our judges together recognized as a real pioneer in the civic and government technology space.

I want you to think back to September 2008.

The first iPhone was just about a year old.The iTunes App Store was only two months old.Most of you in this room would probably have a Nokia, Motorola or Blackberry in your pocket, if you were lucky. No one boarded airplanes by tapping their phone on the scanner, and we were still years away from ordering a taxi by tapping a button on our phones.

In September 2008, a mobile internet startup would have been a little bit crazy.A mobile internet startup that worked with government? Very crazy.

But that is exactly what Ben Berkowitz did with SeeClickFix.

The premise is simple: a quick, clear way for residents to report problems when and where they see them; and software that helps city staff collect problems, get them to the right people, keep the public up-to-date with progress. SeeClickFix has about 250 government customers, and has facilitated nearly 2 million issue reports.

But most importantly for everyone here today, SeeClickFix has shown that the American public will lend a hand to make their communities better when we make it easy for them, using the tools they already have. SeeClickFix has also shown the way for dozens more government technology startups, and helped unleash a wave of investment that is revitalizing government. For what they’ve accomplished over the last seven years and what they’ve shown to be possible, we’re proud to present them with the Pioneer Award.