by City of Bloomington, IN (

inRoads is a digital service developed by the City of Bloomington to manage and publish road, sidewalk and parking status information including closings, lane reductions, reservations and more. inRoads is an open source and responsive web application that provides not only current information about road events, but future planned events as well. inRoads is written in PHP and utilizes Google's Calendar API and the Open Layers library for map rendering. The source code is available on GitHub at inRoads data is exportable from the application in multiple standard formats.

The City of Bloomington is a progressive community and a leader in the use and production of open source software to streamline city operations, reduce costs and provide high quality constituent services. Our code is available through Github and features many useful tools for governments including the Georeporter suite of open source Open311 tools and the RentRocket green rental portal.

Why they won

Like most cities, Bloomington keeps a detailed database of road, sidewalk and parking events. These events - closings, lane reductions, reservations and noise permits - are authorized by the Board of Public Works. But the people who need to know about these events are the people of Bloomington.

InRoads is an open source, digital service developed by the City that manages all of this information so it can be useful. And, like many of the other technologies we’ve seen today, it’s also hosted on Github.

By bringing together employee processes, systems, and information that used to be stored separately, employees can understand and see parking events now and in the future - helping them make better decisions and spot problems before they happen.

InRoads also saves time. Automatically publishing road closure information and sharing it with the press every week frees up an extra four hours for the employee responsible for that information.

In Bloomington, our judges saw a forward-looking technology department that understands how to build services that meet their user’s needs. With InRoads, the city has a platform to automatically share information with services like Google Maps and Waze to help users plan better routes in the future. The City is partnering with Google's Waze through its Connected Citizens Program and is in the trial phase for importing inRoads data directly into Waze. TrafficCast, a predictive and real-time traffic information provider, is also partnering with Bloomington to incorporate inRoads data into its system feeding multiple navigation tools.