SeamlessDocs is the most seamless way for a government to go paperless with their existing pdfs and form processes. The SeamlessDocs platform enables them to easily allow their forms and docs to be completed from any device and then gives tools to automate and process the data and documents collected. SeamlessDocs specializes with working with governments to understand their needs and then offer solutions to meet their unique form challenges. Every week we are adding new tools and features to help governments better accommodate their needs and look forward to making the process of interacting your government a beautiful experience.

Why they won

When Code for America launched in 2010, Aneesh Chopra, the United States Chief Technology Officer said in the recruitment video: "In Silicon Valley, you say: ‘there’s an app for that’. In government, we say: ‘there’s a form for that’."

Our government paper forms are a masterpiece of 19th century information storage and retrieval that don’t do the job we need them to do in a faster, more complicated 21st century.

Paper forms are bad enough: missing fields, inaccurate entries and difficult for people to use, never mind rarely accessible. Digital forms aren’t much better. Far too often, digital versions of paper government forms are literal copies of paper documents made into common but unloved PDFs. Electronic, but not easily searchable. Digital, but not structured. It’s this problem - collecting usable information more simply, clearly and quickly - that SeamlessDocs set out to fix.

Their form editor transforms PDF forms into online forms that automatically detect field input, with rules and validation in a few clicks. Services can take payments, accept attachments and create the workflows they need. And all of this delivered in a low-priced pay-as-you-go model.

With this product, the company could have taken on the entire business world. But after taking part in the Code for America Accelerator, SeamlessDocs decided to focus almost completely on government.

SeamlessDocs’ success is proof that there’s a real business opportunity in government, and a call to action to other entrepreneurs. Building platforms for 21st century government isn’t just a way to build a great business, it helps public servants do their jobs better. And most importantly, it helps your fellow citizens, too.