One to watch


by Mark43 (

Cobalt is a police software platform that combines records management with analysis tools in one integrated suite. The product has an intuitive interface and is engineered for reliable performance and configurability. Cobalt makes the delivery of real-time law enforcement information in the field a reality for police departments, resulting in dramatic increases in police reporting efficiency.

Why they won

When we think about government that works for the people and by the people, no group needs the trust of the people more than our law enforcement agencies.

Building and maintaining a trusting relationship between police and community residents is the key to effective public safety, but too often, today’s police officers spend more time struggling with paperwork and antiquated data management systems than talking to the people they are meant to serve.

This awardee decided to do something about that. The founders of Mark43 wanted to bring a modern tech stack and a relentless focus on user needs to policing.

They created Cobalt, a record management system that lets officers spend more time on the beat, building relationships face-to-face and understanding and protecting communities. According to initial data, Cobalt cuts the time it takes to make an arrest report by 60%. Because it’s a web-based system, officers can complete these reports in their cars, and stay out in the field longer than the traditional desktop models that are still common in many departments.

Cobalt brings the analytic tools available to investigators up to a standard that community residents expect in the 21st century, with an eye toward closing more cases more efficiently and deploying resources responsively based on real-time data. Of all the awardees this year, this company is the newest entrant, working closely with their first big client, the District of Columbia. So we are honored to give Mark43 a special award: One to Watch.