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Casebook is the first person- and family-centric, cloud-based case management application designed specifically to support better decision making at all levels of public child welfare agencies. Developed by Case Commons, a unique technology non-profit with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casebook is used by child welfare workers to manage their work, while easily capturing information about children in their care. Casebook supports child and family caseworkers by giving them mobile, user-friendly tools and valuable, real-time data to inform their decisions. By monitoring and ensuring high quality data, Casebook provides policymakers the information they need to make meaningful policy decisions. Casebook also supports integrating data with other government services to create a truly comprehensive case management system. Casebook’s contemporary design, usability and tools are transforming how casework is done, improving the quality of data, analytics and policy making – and helping improve outcomes for our country’s most disadvantaged children.

Why they won

Every year in the United States, 600,000 children become the victims of abuse and neglect. 1,600 die as a result. This awardee’s users are the caseworkers who investigate and take action in these incidents.

Their success depends on whether they have the tools and support they need. This means being able to spend less time on paperwork and more time with children and their caretakers. It means having the information they need whether they’re in the field, in court, or anywhere else - not just at their desk in the office. It means useful reminders to check up on children or meet deadlines. And it means everyone involved in our child welfare system - policy makers, supervisors and caseworkers - having accurate, understandable reporting to make better decisions about helping these kids.

Even with child welfare’s complicated regulations, Casebook shows that software that actually works for people is possible. Casebook provides a research-based view of needs and best practices in child welfare, as well as the best practices of iterative, user-centered software development. Casebook is the result of the vision of Kathleen Feely, who has spent her career developing system reform initiatives to improve outcomes for children and families and shed light on the need for government policy to embrace modern technology. Thanks to the support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the hard work of the team at Case Commons, the innovative organization behind Casebook, case workers across the state of Indiana and, hopefully, soon across the country will be able to serve kids and families better.